2018 REPI Challenge Award

2018 REPI Challenge award

The Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program has announced that Fort Benning and Fort Huachuca are recipients of the 2018 REPI Challenge award. The REPI Challenge 2018 call for proposals focused on protecting critical DoD water supplies and leveraging innovative species crediting approaches to relieve environmental restrictions on military testing, training or operations.

Fort Benning will leverage $3.7 million in REPI Challenge funds, $1.3 million in Military Service funds, $5.4 million in other DoD funds and $12.7 million in partner contributions to protect more than 7,000 acres contiguous to the installation. Their project will enable the installation to implement species crediting strategies and promote compatible land use around the base. The Fort Huachuca project demonstrates strong stakeholder engagement and outlines a plan to promote compatible land uses that enable military training and operations while effectively reducing competition for limited water resources. The total award of $1.1 million in REPI Challenge funds will leverage $3.1 million in partner contributions to protect 1,150 acres in the eastern portion of the state.