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US DoD Readiness and Environmental Protection Office

The Department of Defense (DoD)’s REPI Program combats encroachment that negatively impacts military training, testing and operations. The REPI Program protects military missions by facilitating the elimination or avoidance of land-use conflicts near installations and addressing regulatory restrictions that inhibit military activities.

Southeastern Partnership for Planning and Sustainability

Southeastern state environmental and natural resource officials have partnered with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies to form the Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS). SERPPAS works to prevent encroachment around military lands, encourage compatible resource-use decisions and improve coordination among regions, states, communities and military services.

North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes

North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes facilitates collaboration and coordination between farmers and foresters, and conservationists and military installations with sustainability and economic prosperity in mind. A forward-looking, proactive program, the North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes program works  to sustain the landscape necessary for all-around health: a healthy economic growth, a healthy environment, a healthy military and healthy communities.

National Sentinel Landscapes

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Defense and the Interior announced an initiative in 2013: the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership. Sentinel landscapes are working or natural lands important to the nation’s defense mission–places where preserving the working and rural character of key landscapes strengthens the economies of farms, ranches and forests; conserves habitat and natural resources; and protects vital test and training missions conducted on those military installations that anchor such landscapes.