Love being out in nature? Passionate about the health of our nation’s forests? If so, you may want to pursue a career as a forester with a specialization in military land sustainability.

work as a forester, forester jobsWhat Does Working as a Forester Look Like?

Foresters working with military lands manage forested lands with an eye towards sustainability and the protection of wildlife or endangered plant life. Your duties may include determining how to best preserve forestland while complying with environmental regulations and military base operations.

As a forester, you will probably:

  • Monitor contract compliance and results of forestry activities to assure adherence to government regulations.  
  • Plan and supervise forestry projects, such as determining the type, number and placement of trees to be planted, management of tree nurseries, thinning of forest and monitoring growth of new seedlings.  
  • Establish plans for management of forest lands and forest resources.
  • Develop and implement plans for restoring forest types that promote recovery of threatened and endangered species.
  • Supervise activities of other forestry workers.

If you love the idea of surveying forest land while F-16s and F-22s maneuver overhead, you’ll want to gain deep knowledge about military land sustainability.

Forester Salary and Forecast

Those working as a forester (with at least a bachelor’s degree) typically earn a national median salary of $63,020 (as of 2016).

forester salary

Job opportunities in the forestry industry are growing at a rate of 5-8%.

forester jobs

What Education is Required to Work as a Forester?

These positions require a bachelor’s degree (ideally, a forestry degree). The Graduate Certificate in Military Land Sustainability fills a niche requirement specific to working as a forester on military lands. Those interested in an online forestry degree or fulfilling distance forestry education requirements will find the graduate certificate helpful.

forester education requirements, what education do I need to become a forester

forestry jobsForester Job Opportunities

Looking for real life examples of forester jobs that involve working with the military?

Look no further than the Fort Drum Forest Management Program. Foresters here manage the installation’s forested lands to support the Army training mission and to enhance ecosystem integrity through sound forest management practices. Specialize in forestry to find a job doing what you love: serving your country and protecting our nation’s forests.

The following are job titles commonly held in this field:

    • Forester
    • Area Forester
    • Chief Unit Forester
    • Environmental Protection Forester
    • Fire Prevention Forester
    • Forest Practices Field Coordinator
    • Regional Forester
    • Resource Forester
    • Silviculturist
    • Forest and Conservation Technician
  • Forest and Conservation Worker

Explore job opportunities here.

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