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Are you looking for professional development or want to give graduate school a try before committing to a certificate or degree program? Try a course or two from the Graduate Certificate in Military Lands Sustainability as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student.

The Graduate Certificate in Military Land Sustainability is a 14 credit-hour distance-education based program at NC State University focused on natural resource conservation in the context of military readiness. The online courses may be taken on a course-by-course basis for professional development or as part of a certificate or degree program.

Recommended Stand-Alone Courses

Want to take a course to see if you’re truly interested in the Graduate Certificate in Military Land Sustainability? Take NR 510 Sustainable Military Land Management. Looking for real-world skills that your employer will recognize? Take NR 511 Managing Natural Resources in an Arena Of Conflict. Thinking about a master’s degree in environmental assessment? Start with EA 501 Environmental Stressors. The following are recommended courses that serve as an introduction to graduate certificate and degree programs.

NR 510 – Sustainable Military Land Management – 3 credit hours – Fall

An introduction and overview of the factors that influence natural resource conservation and management on Department of Defense (DoD) lands within a temporal, geographic and environmental context and perspective. Students will gain knowledge of natural resource management and military land sustainability by reviewing (1) military land uses and training/test requirements, (2) major policies/laws impacting training/testing activities on DoD lands, and (3) planning approaches to military sustainability.

NR 511 – Managing Natural Resources in an Arena of Conflict – 3 credit hours – Fall

With limited resources and many unique stakeholders, conflict resolution is an important topic for natural resource managers. This online course aims to introduce conflict resolution theory as it pertains to public agencies, to identify key stakeholders and their objectives involved with natural resources, to generalize how the theories apply to military case studies, and to apply specific conflict resolution techniques for interacting positively with outside stakeholders and the media.

NR 512 – Land Use Policy and Management – 3 credit hours – Spring

Online graduate course reviewing formation and implementation of major natural resource laws and policies that impact land uses. This course will provide an overview of natural resource laws/policies followed by student presentations of a selected case study. Current natural resource management (including forestry, air, water, wildlife, climate change and energy) programs and institutions are discussed, analyzed and related to current natural resource policy challenges.

NDS Requirements

Those interested in taking individual graduate-level courses without enrolling in a degree or certificate program must first enroll as a Post Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student.

For prospective students considering a graduate certificate or degree program, up to two of the courses can be taken for credit as an NDS student and transferred to a program if the prospective student then choses to enroll in the program. Grades earned as an NDS may be transferred to another institution based on that institution’s transfer policy.


  • All NDS students applying to courses in the Graduate Certificate in Military Land Sustainability must have a bachelor’s degree. See details on our Apply page.
  • Students that want courses taken as an NDS student applied to a certificate or degree program may transfer in up to 6 (six) credits towards a graduate certificate and up to 12 (twelve) credits to a master’s degree program, assuming they have a GPA or a B or better (not B-).
  • Students that want courses taken as an NDS student applied to a certificate or degree program must complete the program within the time requirements. Those pursuing a graduate certificate must finish the program within four years of taking the first course applied to the certificate, and those pursuing a master’s degree must finish within six years of taking the first course applied to the degree program.

How Taking An Individual Course Can Help

Students find taking an individual course or two to be helpful with the following career goals:

  • Finding work in natural resource management or natural resource conservation,
  • Starting, supporting or expanding sustainable land management and forestry programs on military lands,
  • Proving expertise in government land management, or
  • Translating military experience into civilian work in forestry education or environmental resources management.

Ready to Get Started?

Enrolling at NC State as a non-degree student is an excellent way to continue your lifelong education. All of the courses in Military Land Sustainability are open to non-degree students that meet the prerequisites for the intended course.
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