Sustainability Specialist

Like to plan for the future? Concerned about preservation of natural resources? Interested in influencing development and operations such that sustainable best practices are used? If so, you may want to pursue a career as a sustainability specialist.

sustainability specialistWhat Does Working as a Sustainability Specialist Look Like?

Address organizational sustainability issues, such as waste stream management, green building practices, and green procurement plans.

A career in sustainability typically entails:

  • Plan, oversee and execute sustainability projects.
  • Work with environmental specialists to develop operations and processes that take into account best practices for sustainability (energy savings, low impact on environment, optimal use of resources)
  • Evaluate practices and processes, factoring in cost effectiveness, technical feasibility and effect on military mission or operations.
  • Track indicators such as energy and natural resources used plus waste generation and waste treatment or disposal.

Sustainability Specialist Salary and Forecast

Those working in sustainability earn a national median salary of $71,700 (as of 2016).

sustainability specialist salary

Job opportunities in the sustainability industry are growing at a rate of 4.8%, with North Carolina leading the way with a job opportunity growth rate of 12.8%.

how many jobs in sustainability forecasted

What Education is Required to Work as a Sustainability Specialist?

Most of these positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, and about 43% require a master’s degree. An additional third require a doctoral degree. The Graduate Certificate in Military Land Sustainability fills a niche requirement specific to working as a Sustainability Specialist on military lands.

what education do I need to work as a sustainability specialist

Sustainability Specialist Job Opportunities

Looking for real life examples of military land sustainability in action?

Explore opportunities all over the country through the Department of Defense. From gopher tortoises in Georgia to endangered species of sagebrush in Nevada and specialized timber harvesting in Maine, you’ll find DOD sustainability projects across the nation. Specialize in this area and build a career doing what you love: serving your country and protecting the environment.

The following a job titles commonly held in this field:

  • Sustainability Specialist
  • Champion of Sustainable Design
  • Chief Specialist
  • LEED (Chief Specialist, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Lead Sustainability Specialist
  • Senior Sustainability Advisor
  • Senior Sustainability Consultant
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Sustainability Specialist
  • Sustainable Design Consultant
  • Sustainable Design Coordinator

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